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  • You are an incredibly decent and understanding human in an age where they can be (more and more) difficult to find.

    Thank you, Jim, for taking the time and reviewing the information. Your effort means the world to us, considering you are the only person who would even take the time to listen. I understand completely, why litigation cannot be pursued and I appreciate the "medical approach" to your decision and not making us feel like his life was not worth anything due to his age.

    You are an incredibly decent and understanding human in an age where they can be (more and more) difficult to find. Thank you for allowing us some closure.

    A Potential Client

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  • This family as a whole thanks you all and the words will never equal how truly grateful we are.

    On behalf of this family, we would like to express our gratitude toward Lou, Jim, and the Beasley firm for your efforts. The news today has allowed us as a family to close this chapter and welcome the beginning of us being able to focus on the care for our child without the stress of constant worry about being able to financially meet his needs. This family as a whole thanks you all and the words will never equal how truly grateful we are.

    S. W.

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  • I could not have asked for a better lawyer.

    When my newborn son died unexpectedly at a local hospital, I was left with a little green box of his effects and a mess of questions. I wasn't looking for a lawyer when I called The Beasley Firm, I was looking for answers. Jim Beasley, Jr was a compassionate, knowledgeable and highly engaged advocate for me and the memory of my son.

    In addition to his appreciation of the humanity in our case, Jim brought a unique skill set as a medical doctor and attorney. He navigated depositions, trial and post trial motions masterfully. Jim welcomed (if not encouraged) my full participation in all aspects of our case, was able to explain to me what the answers meant in a way that I could understand. Every call, every email, and every repeated inquiry of mine were quickly and respectfully answered.

    Jim knew it was my case. He never pressured me to move the case in a direction I was uncertain of. Despite a significant settlement offer, he did not hesitate to take the case to trial. Jim didn't rehearse me, he prepared me. At trial, he maintained a professional and experienced presence. He was a potent presence in the courtroom. His preparation for trial was so thorough he caught the large defense team of multiple attorneys off guard numerous times.

    When I was fragile and tender on the stand, he protected my interests and the needs of the case simultaneously. He understands that every case is more than a docket number, while making sure I understood that litigation would be painful for me to endure.

    I could not have asked for a better lawyer to represent me from the earliest stages of possible litigation all the way to post trial motions. Jim Beasley, Jr is the best.

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  • An outstanding attorney that you want on your side.

    Mr. Beasley is an intelligent, sharp and ethical attorney. I have known Jim and utilized his expertise for almost 11 years. As a former US Air Force Fighter Pilot and now as a businessman, I look to associate myself with others who share my core values of integrity, honesty and excellence. Jim and his firm share my core values and have represented me over the years in a manner consistent with those values. In my opinion, Jim is a straight shooter and an outstanding attorney that you want on your side when you have a legal issue to be solved. I am 100% satisfied with Mr. Beasley and his firm.

    Robert K.

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  • He was professional and compassionate.

    I could have written this review before the verdict. Jim is truly an amazing attorney and now considered part of our family. He was professional and compassionate throughout the 2 plus year ordeal leading up to the trial. We always felt comfortable with him and well cared for. We actually came upon Jim by random chance and it was the best luck we've had in years. His knowledge of the systems and litigation are second to none. Thanks to Jim our little boy will have a much better life.

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  • You are an awesome trial lawyer!

    My colleagues who sat through portions of the case were in awe of your presentation, the experts you proffered and of course your cross examination of the defense witnesses. I know you have heard it before, but I will say it again, you are an awesome trial lawyer. I hope to send you another case soon.

    Dave Hunter

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  • Thank you for your kindness.

    I just received your correspondence. I want to thank you very much for taking the time to look over my son's medical records. Yes, I understand this is a very complicated case. I figured the solution or answer wasn't going to be simple. My husband and I want to make sure our son's neuro status wasn't a result of carelessness. Considering the circumstances of our son's decompensated state and his mysterious disease, we know many procedures were done in the PICU in order to save him, and if they did whatever they could to protect his delicate brain, then we can put it to rest. However, looking back at everything that has happened, I honestly can't say he received the best care. The specialists could've done more for him prior to his decompensated state and expedited his admission and urged to have him placed on the liver transplant list much sooner. We believe there could've been a better outcome. I believe wholeheartedly that good quality care can determine the outcome of a patient's condition. Anyhow, I suppose I can't dwell on the what ifs, but instead, be grateful for my son's life. Nothing can replace his smiles. He is truly resilient.

    Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to review Caedyn's case. Thank you for your kindness, Attorney Beasley, I don't think we can find any other counsel who will do the same for us. It means the world to me and my family, especially Caedyn. I'm sure if you can't find expert witnesses to counter what resulted or manifested in Caedyn's overall condition, it'd be a challenge for others as well. I don't think any other counsel can be recommended for this case. We will continue to advocate services for Caedyn. He will be fine :)


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  • Congrats, Dr. Santangelo, on a job well done.

    Congrats, Dr. Santangelo, on a job well done. Your client and her husband will remain in my thoughts and prayers.


    (Juror #2)

    Juror #2

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  • Hire him BEFORE the other side does!

    I endorse this lawyer. Dion is well known as a lawyers' lawyer. Lawyers & Judges often hire Dion for themselves. He is undoubtedly, THE MAN TO SEE. Hire him BEFORE the other side does! Well versed in the law and plenty of winning experience. Not only not afraid to go the distance but genuinely enjoys it. Clients will be well represented if he takes their case.

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  • I’m glad you’re in my corner.

    Dear Dion:

    When I was the Heavyweight Champion of the world, they called me The Easton Assassin.

    I’m calling you The Philadelphia Assassin. Thank you for being my lawyer, and I’m glad you’re in my corner.

    Larry Holmes

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  • I would highly recommend Scott and The Beasley Firm.

    Scott Bennett represented me when I fell and got hurt. His excellent skills resulted in a settlement which not only compensated me for my injury, but helped guide me through a difficult process with ease. I would highly recommend Scott and The Beasley Firm for any legal needs.

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  • A superlative experience in a difficult situation.

    I was delighted with Scott Bennett's representation. He kept me informed at all stages of my case, put me at ease, explained the complexities of the litigation and secured an excellent resolution for me. I highly recommend Scott and The Beasley Firm, for a superlative experience in a difficult situation.

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  • Scott exceeded all my expectations!

    Scott A. Bennett did a fantastic job representing my interests in a recent personal injury law suit. As a somewhat reluctant plaintiff, I placed a number of unusual requirements on Scott which complicated his legal strategy. Throughout the process Scott respected all my wishes and ultimately delivered a very favorable outcome that exceeded all my expectations. I would highly recommend Scott to any friend in need of legal representation.

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  • Fantastic Lawyer and a great guy.

    I had a few lawyers interested in my Medical malpractice case and I definitely made the right choice when I chose the Beasley Firm. I believe the verdict could have gone either way and without Jim's legal expertise, medical knowledge and likeable personality we may have not won. I consider Jim a friend and I appreciate the hard work he and his firm did to win my case. I highly recommend Jim Beasley if you are in need of a Medical malpractice lawyer.


    Coatesville, PA

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  • Thank you again, for your prompt attention

    I sincerely appreciate being heard regarding my ordeal. To have Ms. Villari speak to me for nearly 30 minutes by phone was excellent. Even if it turned out that you didn't see a case for me.

    Thank you again, for your prompt attention to my call. I appreciate all you've done. And I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to any friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues.


    Philadephia, PA

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  • You need Lane and The Beasley Firm on your side

    Lane and the entire team exceeded my expectations. Me and my family was going through a hard time after we loss our mother because of someone's careless mistake and having to deal with the stress that comes with having to go to trial, but Lane and his team made it a little easier for us, letting us know that they are in this with us . Lane was very professional and supportive, down to earth and easy to talk too. Lane and the whole team was very understanding of our situation. If there was ever anything that needed to be explained or any questions that we may had about the process they were more than willing to explain and made sure to keep us up to date about any findings that may have come to light. They gave us a little closure knowing that the hospital was held accountable for their actions. I'm more that pleased that we choose Lane and The Beasley Firm to tell our story. If I had to go through this all over again without a shadow of dough I would choose Lane Jubb and his team at the Beasley Law Firm. You need them on your side.

    Nicohol I

    Philadelphia, PA

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  • Be represented by the best of the best

    Thank you to Lane and The Beasley Firm . From taking my case to trail preparation they have been nothing but professional and sympathetic to my situation . When someone losses a mother the last thing they want to do is relive that traumatic experience again. Lane worked hard to Trial my case and was very supportive and encourage through out the process . I'm Thankul that I choose The Beasly Firm .

    M. Warner

    Philadelphia, PA

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  • Life Changing

    My siblings choose this firm and our family had the privilege of being represented by Lane Jubb. Don't let his youth fool you. He knew this case and was thoroughly prepared. Along each step of the case, he told us what what likely happen and he was correct each time. Guy was a bulldog when needed to be an a gentleman through it all. Each of lives can now change for the better as we put behind the past and are hopeful for a great future thanks to Lane, the Beasley Firm and of course our Pops.

    Jesse Young

    Ambler, PA

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  • "honest and empathetic representation"

    I highly recommend Lane Jubb and all the folks at the Beasley Firm. Lane represented my family in a medical malpractice case, and we received top quality representation that felt personalized, attentive, and professional. Lane Jubb and Janet Volpe kept us abreast throughout the entire process, and explained in detail, next steps, expectations, key dates, etc.—their communication style is prompt and effective. Lane was tough and direct in the courtroom and pursued our case until we received a fair settlement for our family. If you are seeking honest and empathetic representation, look no further than the Beasley Firm!

    Brittany Young

    Philadelphia, PA

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  • Thank you for going to bat for me.

    Hi Mr Bennett, I am writing to let you know how pleased I was with you taking my case on. You did in 7 months what my first attorney could not do in the 19 months he had my case. I also want to thank you for going to bat for me with the health insurance company for no additional charge. I would also recommend you to anyone that needs and very good attorney.

    Mr. Martin

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  • He kept me informed every step of the way.

    I have somewhat of a medical background, but after I met with Mr. Beasley after a bad experience in a hospital, I was so impressed with what he knew. He knew so much more than the other Philadelphia attorneys I met with about my problems. That is why I chose to have him represent me. His knowledge of medicine and seeing what really goes on in a hospital beyond the medical records was amazing. In addition, he kept me informed every step of the way and responded to every email or call I made to him. I highly recommend him. He is awesome.

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  • “A life changing experience thanks to Lane Jubb and The Beasley Firm”

    Our family had the opportunity to work with attorney Lane Jubb and we couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. I have never witnessed anyone as focused as Lane during my trial. From beginning to the end, he displayed confidence, integrity, and compassion. Lane and The Beasley Firm gave me the closure that I needed and justice prevailed. If you are in need of someone that will show up and fight to the very end I highly recommend Lane Jubb and The Beasley Firm. Words can’t explain the difference he made in my life. We are forever grateful - Thank you.

    Robert Kimble

    Wickliffe, OH

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  • The best decision I ever made.

    I stumbled upon the Beasley Firm about two years ago in my desperate search for legal representation. I had been turned away by other firms and straight up ignored by more. It was within 6 months of the statute of limitations for me. I spoke briefly about my issues with the Beasley Firm and in a very short time they took my case. They waved usual procedure and began putting the case together in order to file on time in the proper courts. It was only due to the determination and oustanding character of Dana Augustine that my case went anywhere. She is titan-like in her drive to power her cases effectively through the legal process. She is the epitome of "burning the midnight oil." She never quits. Dana and the Beasley firm will always be number one in my book, and hold a place of honor near my heart!


    Emory, TX

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  • Lane and Pete made the experience effortless for us.

    When our daughter passed shortly after birth seeking legal action was the last thing we were thinking of; a year later and still in emotional turmoil The Beasley Firm came highly recommended to us from a colleague. Since day one and for the next three years, working with everyone at the Beasley Firm was nothing short of the best legal experience we have ever had. Lane Jubb and Peter Johnsen worked with us as our trial lawyers and presented themselves with a sort of tenacity that we had never seen before. After meeting them for the first time we knew that we were in good hands. Lane and Pete were always there to answer any questions that we had and together they worked tirelessly to resolve our case. We could not be happier with our experience working with the Beasley Firm and would definetly recommend Lane Jubb and Peter Johnsen.


    Montgomery, PA

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  • Scott was straight forward through every step of the process.

    After I was involved in a watercraft accident Scott A. Bennett was highly recommended to me and now I know why. From day 1 Scott got to know me on a level that helped him understand exactly how my daily life was affected by the accident, and he took the reins from there. My fiancé and I were 4 months out from our wedding and it was a huge relief that we didn’t have to worry about anything with my case because Scott had it under control. Scott was straight forward through every step of the process and any questions or anxiety I had were put to rest with a simple phone call.

    I highly recommend Scott A. Bennett for anyone who is seeking knowledgeable representation to take control so that you can focus on recovery and getting life back on track.

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  • The Beasley firm is just like family.

    Lane is definitely a great lawyer. Taking on the case of my son who was born in 2011 and later passed away after just two weeks of life. My experience with Lane was beautiful. No matter what, I knew I was in good hands. The Beasley firm is just like family. I'm thankful to have had someone so caring represent my little angel.

    First off, let me start by saying, I didn't know what to expect walking into the Beasley Firm. I was nervous, scared and anxious at the same time. I guess, having done this time and time again, they saw it all over me and immediately they began to make me feel comfortable. Especially since we were consulting about the death of my son due to NEC.
    It's hard for me to put into words the gratitude and appreciation I have for Mr. Lane R Jubb Jr's representation. He was very professional, thorough, punctual, well organized, compassionate, determined and brave might I add.

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  • I honestly could not be any happier.

    I honestly could not be any happier with his diligence to present the truth of the whole matter, which by the way was outstanding. Not to mention his well constructed performance through out the arbitration. Because of his hard work, my family and I can now begin putting our lives back together and we can do so, thanks to Lane knowing that all that was being hidden was uncovered.

    I would like to thank Jim Beasley Jr and special thanks to Lane Jubb Jr. If you or anyone you know have ever lost a child due to NEC, my advice, call the Beasley Firm.

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