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Lawn Mower Injuries

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Riding lawn mowers, especially the Zero-Turn-Radius Rotary Mower, are prone to tipping or rolling over while making sharp turns, maneuvering around tight corners, on embankments, on steep hills or on uneven surfaces. When these heavy mowers rollover, not only can they crush the rider, the rotating blades can come in contact with a body part causing severe lacerations, traumatic amputations, hemorrhage and even death.

Sometimes lawn mower accidents occur through no fault of your own, caused by defective or dangerous product design. If you were one of the thousands of people injured by your lawn mower this year, the Philadelphia product liability attorneys at The Beasley Firm want to help you get the compensation you deserve. Since 1958, we have fought for injured clients with meticulous, thorough investigation and aggressive trial representation.

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The Severity & Frequency of Lawn Mower Injuries

Each year there are about 80,000 hospital emergency room visits for injuries caused by lawn mower accidents, and about 10,000 of the lawn mower accident victims were children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) estimates that 140,700 children were treated in hospital emergency rooms (ER) for lawn mower-related injuries between 1990 and 2004.

Lawn mower accidents can cause:

Lawn mower manufacturers are required to install safety features and blade protection devices to prevent users from severe lacerations or limb amputations. However, many of these safety features are inadequate or fail to work. As a result, most lawn mower accidents are foreseeable and preventable.

Why You May Be Entitled to a Lawn Mower Accident Claim

Many manufacturers of the lawn mowers sell them without the standard safety equipment required by law. To keep costs low, many manufacturers fail to supply their riding lawn mowers with the safety devices that could greatly reduce catastrophic injuries or death. Such safety measures are no-mow-in-reverse (NMIR) switches, rollover protection systems (ROPS), and blade safety measures.

Riding mowers without a NMIR switch are the cause of many of the devastating injuries or death to children. Many times, either grass catchers or just the height of the mower obstructs the view of the driver when the lawn mower is in reverse, causing the mower to back over a small child that could not be seen while the mower blades are still spinning.

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Our experienced Philadelphia product liability attorneys are well aware that almost every lawn mower injury is preventable. Here at The Beasley Firm, our successful product and premise liability lawyers have already been awarded over $2 billion dollars on behalf of injured victims and their families. We have received hundreds of settlements, verdicts, and awards in excess of $1 million dollars and achieved the two largest personal injury verdicts in Pennsylvania history ($907 million and $104 million).

Our lawn mower accident team works closely with safety and engineering experts to fully evaluate lawn mowers that rolled over and lawn mower related accidents to determine if the mower was defective or missing an important safety feature. If you want to know if your injury could have been prevented-and if your injury deserves compensation-reach out to our team as soon as possible.

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  • Personal Injury $907,000,000

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