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When you use an infant or child car seat for your vehicle, you probably never imagined that this device could cause catastrophic injuries or death to the precious child it was supposed to protect. Our team at The Beasley Firm handles all types of car accident cases, including those involving defective or dangerous car seats.

We encourage you to speak with a Philadelphia car seat defect lawyer about your case. The Beasley Firm has been advocating for injury victims since 1958 and have awarded more than $2 billion in that time. We are award-winning, well-respected attorneys who are ready to help you.

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Did the Car Seat Hurt My Child?

Infant and child safety car seats are extremely important. The hospital will not even let you take your newborn baby home until you have demonstrated that you can properly secure your baby into the car seat. Baby car seats and child seats are designed to protect children, shielding them from the violent forces of a car accident. These forces can cause strangulation, spinal cord injuries, skull fractures, traumatic brain injuries, or even death. Infants and children are at a higher risk of suffering devastating injuries if the car seat is not functioning properly-even in minor car accidents.

How Can Car Seats Be Defective?

Baby and child car seat problems include:

  • Defective handles
  • Defective latches
  • Improper or sudden release
  • Improper or defective construction
  • Unanticipated rotation
  • Defective harness or seat belt systems
  • Weak shell design
  • Flammable construction materials
  • Construction materials that become brittle, causing them to break in an accident

In some cases, the seat may have been designed in a way that failed to support the head, neck, or spine of an infant or child in a motor vehicle accident. Other car seats don't allow children to be positioned securely. For example, defective webbing materials that cannot be tightened to the point of secure containment may allow the child to be bounced around or ejected from the seat in an accident.

Car Seat Safety Resources for Parents

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) maintains a comprehensive website with information about vehicle and car seat safety. This website is constantly updated with notifications regarding child safety seat defects and recalls. Use this resource to make sure the car seat you are currently using is safe or to help guide your shopping decision.

We Are Here to Win Your Battles

For nearly 60 years, the legendary Philadelphia car seat defect lawyers at The Beasley Firm have litigated cases against the manufacturers of automobiles and child car seats throughout the United States. Our track record of success is very hard to match, let alone beat. Our skilled attorneys have been awarded over $2 billion dollars and have secured hundreds of verdicts, settlements, or awards in excess of $1 million dollars on behalf of injured victims and their families.

At our Pennsylvania firm, we believe that safety comes first. The manufacturers of defective child and infant seats, as well as defective auto components, must be held accountable when a product you trusted to keep your baby safe ended up causing damage.

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We understand the emotional devastation that a parent goes through when their little ones are catastrophically injured or killed when using a product that was supposed to be safe. We are here to win.

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