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In Pennsylvania, if you visit the property or premises of another person, business or entity, and are harmed by an unsafe condition or hazard, you may have a claim to recover monetary compensation. Many times, premises liability cases are referred to as slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents include, but are not limited to, a situation where a person slips, trips, or falls due to a hazardous condition that the owner or operator of the premises knew or should have known about.

The legendary Philadelphia premises liability lawyers at The Beasley Firm have handled thousands of premises liability and slip and fall accidents over the last 60 years. Our experience in this area of the law has made us thorough and strategic investigators, able to uncover the details of your injury that your opponent is hoping we'll miss. We are then able to create compelling and meticulous claims on behalf of our clients, maximizing their ability to recover medical costs, lost wages, and more.

As a result of our relentless and "no stone unturned" approach, our firm has achieved:

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  • Numerous million-dollar verdicts and settlements in premises liability claims

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Common Premises Liability Injuries & Accidents

Premises liability accidents can occur in hotels, apartments, homes, restaurants, casinos, and cruise ships. The owner of an apartment house or hotel complex can also be held liable if the railing or balcony fails and causes catastrophic injury or death. Loose electrical cords, liquids, ice, snow, defective stairways, loose handrails, pavements, and uneven surfaces are frequent causes of slip and fall accidents.

Many times, slip and fall accidents produce serious injuries with painful consequences such as spinal cord damage, brain injury, broken bones, dislocated joints, paraplegia, and quadriplegia. The recovery for these injuries may require you to take time off from work and undergo extensive medical procedures as well as lengthy rehabilitation.

Many disabilities can be permanent, resulting in loss of earning capacity. Unfortunately, many serious premises liability cases result in death.

When you visit a restaurant, hotel, or any other business facility, the owner and operator of that premises owes you the highest duty of care to safely protect you. According to travel and hotel industry statistics, premises liability claims account for almost half of all hotel accidents. Bathrooms, bathtubs, and balconies are among the top places that they occur. Another example of a premises liability case may involve carbon monoxide poisoning or inadequate or negligent security.

Proven Experience with Premises Liability

In one premises liability case handled by our firm, gusts of wind caused branches to come loose from a tree, falling down on our client's loved one and crushing them to death. In another case, a sign became detached because of a gust of high wind and killed an innocent pedestrian in its path who was passing by.

The Beasley Firm has successfully represented individuals who have fallen from balconies when a railing gave way during spring holiday season. Hotel operators and apartment home operators owe the public the highest duty to make sure that balconies are safe and that railings are installed and maintained under appropriate codes, ensuring one's safety.

Issues with inadequate and negligent security are called into play when a victim is assaulted, raped, or even killed at an apartment complex, hotel, or other business entity due to poor security. Of course, the safety and privacy of all guests' tenants and residents should and must be a top priority for owners and operators of hotels, apartment homes and all business.

Many times, inadequate security and premises liability cases occur due to poor lighting, and lack of easily affordable technology and security devices, such as closed circuit cameras. Our Philadelphia premises liability law firm has successfully represented the families of individuals in inadequate security claims where the victim has been killed, raped, stabbed, burned, suffocated, or assaulted due to the failure of a property owner to maintain proper security.

Winning Your Battle with Solid Litigation

The Philadelphia premises liability lawyers of The Beasley Firm have the experience necessary to prove that the owner of the property knew or should have known that a hazardous condition was present on his or her premises. If the dangerous condition was present for a length of time and the owner by carrying out practical and regular care should have found out about the condition, then the owner of the property would be presumed to have constructive knowledge and be held liable for monetary damages.

The Beasley Firm has been awarded numerous verdicts and settlements in excess of millions of dollars for victims of slip and fall and premises liability claims.

We handle cases involving all types of premises liability situations:

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$11,000,000 Premises Liability Case

A fire consumed the houses and killed the occupants, after the PHA knew that there were missing or defective smoke detectors. The Firm donated hundreds of smoke detectors to all public housing units as a result of this case.

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