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Lane R. Jubb, Jr.

Recovering Millions On Behalf of Clients

Lane R. Jubb, Jr joined The Beasley Firm in April, 2015. Lane’s accomplishments in his first four years with the firm were recognized by Super Lawyers with its selection of Lane as a Rising Star since 2017.

At age 29, Lane became the youngest attorney in the country to win a multi-million dollar medical malpractice verdict as lead counsel (Lambert). Less than a year later, he then obtained a $20 million dollar verdict in Chester County against The Laser Spine Institute for the wrongful death of an Ohio woman after she underwent outpatient spinal surgery.

Lane focuses his practice on medical malpracticecatastrophic aviation accidentsdefamation, and wrongful use of civil proceedings (Dragonetti).

Since 2015, Lane has tried nearly twenty cases to verdict in twelve different venues with $40 million dollars in awards in addition to numerous confidential seven-figure settlements.

Obtained a $20 Million Verdict

Most recently, Lane obtained a $20 million dollar verdict in Kimble v. Laser Spine Institute as lead counsel in March, 2018. Sharon Kimble passed away due to an adverse interaction of drugs that were administered and prescribed by the Laser Spine Institute as part of her post-anesthetic regimen following outpatient spinal surgery. The Laser Spine Institute discharged Ms. Kimble to a hotel after the surgery where she was found unresponsive several hours later by her husband. Jim Beasley Jr. filed and litigated the case in its entirety before trial.

Obtained a $5 Million Verdict

In July, 2017, Lane won a $5 million dollar verdict as lead counsel in a medical malpractice case against Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. The case involved the death of a woman following a routine gallbladder removal. Lane was able to show that there was a breakdown of communication between the attending physician and the Einstein residents, which resulted in the patient’s premature discharge. Lane was then able to prove that when the patient returned to the hospital with a bile leak a few days later, that the physicians did not appreciate the significance of the patient’s sickle cell disease and did not take sufficiently aggressive steps to prevent a sickle cell crisis, which ultimately caused her to pass away four days later. Lane tried the case for the family of the woman as lead and only counsel. The verdict was recently featured in Outpatient Surgery Magazine.

Obtained a $2.3 Million Verdict

​Ten months earlier, Lane won a $2.3 million dollar verdict in Philadelphia County alongside Jim Beasley, Jr in a highly contested case involving the wrongful use of civil proceedings, which were initiated and maintained for over four years against our client – a former partner at one of Philadelphia’s largest and most successful law firms. Lane prepared the Brown case from the infancy stages of discovery. After the Defendants refused to even make an offer to settle the matter after jury selection and continued to make the same accusations against our client that another court had previously found to be meritless, Lane decided to call the Defendant as his first witness to send a message. The jury saw right through the Defendants and sent back a message of their own – over $2 million in punitive damages.

Obtained a Seven-Figure Dollar Award On Behalf Of A Client

In a solo performance four months earlier in May 2016, Lane won a seven-figure arbitration award against a local neonatologist who failed to timely diagnose Necrotizing Enterocolitis (“NEC”) in a 28-week gestation, two weeks old, premature baby. NEC is the most common gastrointestinal emergency in premature babies. The baby showed symptoms of NEC (feeding intolerance, decreased urine output, and abdominal distension) for almost eighteen hours before the diagnosis was made. The baby passed away a few hours later.


Obtained a $5.4 Million Verdict

Lane’s largest result in his first year with the firm was a $5.4 million verdict alongside Jim Beasley, Jr. in the Gardella case. In the Gardella case, a flight instructor was killed in a mid-air collision when the Beechcraft Bonanza he occupied collided with a Piper Cherokee over Sumerduck, Virginia. Lane and Jim Beasley filed the Federal Tort Claims Act case against the United States of America for the negligence of the Air Traffic Controllers. The Air Traffic Controller on duty for that airspace allowed the two VFR (visual flight rules) aircraft to merge for over one minute before the collision. The Controller made no effort to inform either aircraft of the other’s location. The case was tried in the Eastern District of Virginia before a Federal Judge. Virginia law, however, would preclude Mr. Gardella’s family from recovering any award if he was found to have beeneven1% at fault for the mid-air collision. Most importantly, the verdict cleared Mr. Gardella and the other experienced pilots of any wrongdoing-something that would not have occurred if the action was not filed or if the case settled before trial.

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