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An estimated 1.5 million patients are injured ever year by medication error. Although nurses and doctors undergo intense training to ensure that they will not make medication mistakes, accidents cannot be completely prevented. A fundamental aspect of nursing school deals with the safe and proper way to administer medications to patients. This involves the memorization of the five R's-right patient, right route, right dose, right time, and right medication-to lessen the risk for patient injury. A skipped step could mean serious injury, disabilities, or even a fatality as a result of medication error.

At The Beasley Firm, we work with physicians and nurses who lend professional insight into cases such as these. As a result of our collaborative work, collective knowledge and expertise, our firm has obtained two of the highest jury verdicts in Pennsylvania, amounting to $100 million and $55 million. We have been selected among "The Best Law Firms" for medical malpractice, and remain leaders in litigation in the state.

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Nurses and Doctors on a Legal Team with Incomparable Experience

Many law firms will tell you they can help because they understand what really happened to you or a loved one. But unless they have nurses and doctors with years of experience on their teams, like we do at The Beasley Firm, they really can't help you in the way you need. We employ specialized medication error teams consisting of doctors and nurses who have over 60 years of collective hospital experience in administering medications to thousands of patients.

Common Causes of Medication Error

A short-staffed hospital may need to pull a nurse or medical professional to another unit where they might not have the same level of experience in medication. An example would be a nurse who usually works in a newborn unit being switched to an adult unit. Because medications and dosages vary so greatly from newborns to adults, the nurse may make a mistake in medication.

Take a look at just a few common medication errors:

  • Ineffective medication prescription
  • Illegible prescription/prescription error
  • Wrong medication packaging
  • Administering the wrong drug or dose
  • Failing to change drug when needed

Our team of Philadelphia medication error lawyers and medical experts know what the proper protocol is for administering all kinds of medications. If a discrepancy or mistake is present, our team will be able to spot it and hold the appropriate party accountable for their error.

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Since 1958, our firm has over $2 billion in verdicts and settlements. When you choose The Beasley Firm, you are choosing a tradition of excellence that is unparalleled throughout Pennsylvania and much of the nation. We thrive in the litigation of complex cases and can take on many cases that other firms simply cannot. Our reputation has enabled us to develop good relationships with many judges, other law firms, and even opposing counsel. They know our cases will be well-prepared and well-tried. If you or a loved one have been injured due to a medication error, don't hesitate to contact our team of Philadelphia medication error attorneys.

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  • Medical Malpractice $55,000,000

    2nd largest medical malpractice verdict in history.

  • Medical Malpractice $20,500,000

    Our firm used all its resources to obtain a highly publicized $20.5 million verdict for the family of a teenage woman.

  • Medical Malpractice $20,000,000

    Jim led his team at The Beasley Firm to one of the largest malpractice recoveries in a very conservative county and in the history Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  • Medical Malpractice $15,000,000

    Attorney Barbara Axelrod successfully handled the post-trial appeals in this case, allowing The Beasley Firm to hold on to the verdict.

  • Medical Malpractice $9,750,000

    Jim Beasley Jr. was asked to represent a man who was blinded after a heart transplant.

  • Wrongful Death/Malpractice $7.5 Million
  • Medical Malpractice $7,000,000
  • Pediatric Heart Surgery Recovery $5,500,000

    Jim Beasley Jr. led the Firm’s prosecution of the physicians and hospital that caused this child’s brain damage during this complex and challenging heart surgery.

  • Paralysis Recovery $5.5 Million
  • Paraplegia Injury Settlement

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