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When a person experiences serious or even minor medical symptoms, it is a natural reaction to feel nervous. People will go see their doctor for an evaluation and in order to gain peace of mind or the proper care. You are supposed to be able to trust your physician or nurse practitioner. They are smart, well-educated people. Their careers revolve around keeping their patients healthy and properly diagnosing and treating those patients who are not. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen.

When individuals are harmed by the very people who are supposed to properly diagnose them, it can be confusing and difficult to determine next steps. At The Beasley Firm, our team of skilled Philadelphia failure to diagnose lawyers is joined by medical professionals with years of experience and insight. We can help you through this difficult and frightening time by pursuing justice on your behalf. Since 1958, we have obtained over $2 billion for our clients and are recognized throughout Pennsylvania for holding the two highest medical malpractice jury verdicts in the state's history. You can trust our expertise and professionalism as our firm has been recognized among the "Best Law Firms" for medical malpractice.

How Is Misdiagnosis Possible?

Oftentimes a patient may have all of the risk factors for a certain disease, such as having a family history and presence of the breast/ovarian cancer genes and still be misdiagnosed. Sometimes CT scans or MRIs are improperly read, a proper medical history is not taken, or the doctor or nurse practitioner just failed to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Regardless of the reason, patients should not have to undergo prolonged pain and suffering because of their doctor's negligence.

Failure to Diagnose Is the Leading Cause of Medical Malpractice

Sometimes a nervous patient turns to their doctor for a diagnosis-and some reassurance-and, unfortunately, their doctor or nurse practitioner will misdiagnose their illness or injury. Even though the symptoms might fit a certain illness, the doctor or nurse may not immediately recognize it.

Failure to diagnose begins a chain reaction of improper treatment or lack of treatment:

  • Failure to recognize signs and symptoms of injury or illness
  • Failure to order the appropriate lab work or x-rays.
  • Delays in treatment or incorrect treatment

Failure to diagnose a patient can lead to excessive medical costs, irreversible damage, and unfortunately, sometimes even death. Failure to diagnose cancer, strokes, depression, meningitis, brain tumors, infections, and hundreds of other medical problems is all too common. In fact, misdiagnosis is the leading cause of medical malpractice. Illnesses that could have been quickly remedied suddenly become much worse as a result of improper diagnosis and inadequate treatment. Patients and their loved ones should not have to suffer as a result of a medical professional's negligence.

Dedicated to Representing the Injured for 55+ Years

Failure to diagnose cases can be very complicated and require the work of highly experienced Philadelphia misdiagnosis lawyers who can handle the intricacies that are involved in these types of cases. Here at the nationally-recognized Beasley Firm, our team of attorneys understands what it is like when you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a misdiagnosis. Our specialized team, made up of physicians and nurses has spent over 60 years working in the hospital setting. We are proud to be a firm that many judges, lawyers, politicians, television personalities, high ranking officials, and doctors have turned to when faced with medical malpractice or a wrongful death. All of our experienced, top-rated attorneys have been named in the Pennsylvania Super Lawyers® list.

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  • Medical Malpractice $55,000,000

    2nd largest medical malpractice verdict in history.

  • Medical Malpractice $20,500,000

    Our firm used all its resources to obtain a highly publicized $20.5 million verdict for the family of a teenage woman.

  • Medical Malpractice $20,000,000

    Jim led his team at The Beasley Firm to one of the largest malpractice recoveries in a very conservative county and in the history Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  • Medical Malpractice $15,000,000

    Attorney Barbara Axelrod successfully handled the post-trial appeals in this case, allowing The Beasley Firm to hold on to the verdict.

  • Medical Malpractice $9,750,000

    Jim Beasley Jr. was asked to represent a man who was blinded after a heart transplant.

  • Wrongful Death/Malpractice $7.5 Million
  • Medical Malpractice $7,000,000
  • Pediatric Heart Surgery Recovery $5,500,000

    Jim Beasley Jr. led the Firm’s prosecution of the physicians and hospital that caused this child’s brain damage during this complex and challenging heart surgery.

  • Paralysis Recovery $5.5 Million
  • Paraplegia Injury Settlement

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