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The Beasley Firm has paid more than $100 million in referral fees to thousands of referring attorneys who trusted us with the biggest cases of their careers, with cases for their family members and friends, and with cases they wanted to keep handling themselves but didn’t have the resources to pursue.

If you are an attorney with an injury or accident case and you’re not sure what to do, give us a call. We’ll happily take a look and let you know what we think. If there’s a case, we’ll work with you and your client to reach a solution that makes everyone happy, all the way from a simple referral, to joint representation, to co-counsel at trial. If there’s a case but not the type we do, we’ll tell you who we recommend-even if it’s a competitor. If there isn’t a case, we’ll tell you why not, so the client can have closure and you can better evaluate your future intake.

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Our office in Philadelphia is halfway between the federal courthouse and the state courthouse, and we regularly try cases in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware-sometimes down to Washington DC or up in New York City. If you have a case near trial, but aren’t sure how to win it (particularly while keeping the rest of your practice going), give us a call.

Our trial experience has allowed us to achieve truly incredible things for our clients:

  • The first million-dollar verdict in the state of Pennsylvania
  • 300+ verdicts & settlements in excess of $1 million
  • More than $2 billion awarded to clients since 1958
  • The two largest medical malpractice verdicts in Pennsylvania ($100 million & $55 million)
  • The only firm ever to successfully secure a verdict on behalf of 9/11 victims against the Republic of Iraq

Do Right By Your Client & Develop Experience

The bigger the case, the harder the defendants and their insurers will fight. If you’re a younger lawyer, or you don’t have the resources to win a war of attrition-a routine malpractice case can cost $100,000 or more in expenses, a routine product liability case can cost $250,000-give us a call. We have co-counseled with numerous young and solo practice lawyers, working as a team with them in the litigation, even taking the case to trial with them.

In one of our medical malpractice cases, we invested $390,000 in investigative resources and generated 10,000 pages of documents in order to properly prepare the case. That’s how far our Philadelphia trial attorneys are willing to go in order to ensure our client’s long-term financial security. In the end, we won $20.5 million for our clients-a result that was upheld in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court thanks to our meticulous preparation.

Dial (215) 866-2424 today to speak with our team about working with us on your case, or fill out a case evaluation form now.

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