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How Common are Emergency Room Errors?

How Emergency Room Errors Happen

According to a recent study by De Gruyter (an independent international academic publication), it is estimated that medical errors cause roughly 250,000 deaths each year in the United States. The research suggests that one of the top causes of medical mistakes are improper processing of the patient’s medical data. Unfortunately, when it comes to emergency room departments, frequent interruptions and incomplete, unreliable information presented to doctors are not uncommon. Learn why erroneous medical information can be deadly for patients.

Top Medical Information Errors

In the De Gruyter study mentioned above, researchers found that patients who came back to the emergency room for the second time within 72 hours were admitted to the hospital on their second visit. This can indicate that the patient may have received less than the standard of care on the first visit. The study enlisted a trained team of doctors to assess each case to determine whether the medical team during the patient’s visit had any errors during the patient’s first visit. Here are the top errors that were found in the study:

  • Information processing (45% of cases)
  • Information verification (31% of cases)
  • Inadequate information gathering (18% of cases)
  • Inadequate knowledge (6% of cases)

The study also stated that frequent errors included misjudgment of significant medical findings and prematurely deciding on an incorrect diagnosis, were individual errors (13% of cases each).

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