Image of truck driver leaning over steering wheel holding his head looking tired

How Truck Driver Fatigue Impacts Road Safety

Understanding How Truck Driver Fatigue Happens

Drowsy and fatigued truck drivers take to the road every day to meet the quick delivery service demands. While you may be waiting for your packages at home or deliveries of supplies to your office, many people do not realize how tight and exhausting delivery deadlines are, putting truck drivers and other motorists on the road at risk of being involved in a severe accident.

Common Causes of Truck Driver Fatigue

Although meeting the demands of tight deadlines is just one way for a truck driver to become tired, here are some other common reasons for driver fatigue:

  • Illnesses - anyone who doesn’t feel well or is sick will be more tired than usual.
  • Medication - certain medications can make someone tired or sleepy.
  • Working odd shifts - working overnight shifts or irregular hours can contribute to fatigue and tiredness.

The Effects of Truck Driver Fatigue

Since truck drivers already have some disadvantages on the road, such as large blind spots, being fatigued can only increase the chances of being involved in a crash. Here are some of the top risks of driving while fatigued:

  • Lack of attention on the road means drivers can miss things around them, such as another driver merging into their lane or animal crossings.
  • A decrease in reflexes is a common problem for drowsy truck drivers since being tired causes lethargy. Being tired or fatigued may not enable a truck driver to brake quickly enough to avoid a crash.
  • Unable to make quick decisions when moving out of the way of another vehicle to prevent a collision is a recipe for a severe truck crash.

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