Common Causes of Aviation Accidents

How Do Aviation Accidents Occur?

Flying is one of the safest means of travel — however, just like travel by car, train, or bus, there are certain risks that can lead to an accident. Here are the most common factors that are known to cause an aviation accident.

Human Error

Pilots and other individuals involved in ensuring flight safety, such as maintenance crews and air traffic controllers, can be responsible for causing an aviation accident. Here are some examples:

Pilot Errors

  • Misreading of equipment
  • Failure to conduct thorough safety checks
  • Failure to identify mechanical errors
  • Navigating through inclement weather
  • Lack of proper flight training

Maintenance Crew Errors

Before any aircraft can take off, they must be adequately maintained. When mechanical systems and equipment are not checked for proper working order, an aviation accident can be the result. Maintenance errors may include:

  • Failure to recognize/fix electrical wiring issues
  • Improper installation of parts/components
  • Improper lubrication
  • Fuel caps, oil caps, or fuel panels not secured

Air Traffic Control Errors

Air traffic controllers are responsible for directing planes when they take off and land. They are also responsible for ensuring that there are no obstructions in the way. Failure to properly direct airplane traffic can lead to a mid-air aviation crash or runway crash.

Mechanical Failure

Whether due to a manufacturer defect or the breakdown of equipment, these top mechanical failures are known causes of airplane crashes:

  • Tire failure
  • Defective landing gear
  • Design defects
  • Flight instrument failure
  • Electronic flight display malfunctions
  • Alternator failure
  • Electrical failure

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