What Are the Risk Factors for Acquired Cerebral Palsy?

a mother kissing her babyWhile some cases of cerebral palsy (CP) may be inherited during a woman’s pregnancy, most cases are acquired during the labor and delivery process.

When healthcare professionals do not monitor an infant for signs of fetal distress, or do not order a C-section when necessary, the child may experience prolonged oxygen deprivation, which may cause the development of CP.

Below, our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys discuss the risk factors for acquired CP.

How Does Acquired Cerebral Palsy Happen?

“Acquired CP” refers to cases of cerebral palsy that happen during the labor and delivery process. Usually, acquired CP can be prevented when healthcare professionals monitor infants for signs of distress and take the appropriate actions to mitigate any problems.

Such problems, or risk factors, of acquired CP include the following:

  • Heart rate problems

  • Breech position

  • Transverse lie

  • Face presentation

  • Abnormal contraction patterns

  • Umbilical cord strangulation

  • Uterine tetany

Healthcare professionals should be aware of the aforementioned risk factors and know how to handle them so acquired CP does not happen.

The failure to do so may result in a lifelong birth injury for the child.

The Long-Term Effects of Cerebral Palsy

CP is a group of disorders that affects coordination and movement. This condition has no cure. Those with CP often require the use of mobility assistance devices such as a walker or wheelchair for the entirety of their lives.

The therapies and treatments that a child with acquired CP requires can involve monumental costs for a family. It’s not right for a family to pay for these unexpected costs out of their own pocket when the birth injury itself was preventable.

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