Jim Beasley, Jr. Quoted in Philadelphia Magazine on China Lawsuit

Attorney Jim Beasley, Jr. is the managing member of The Beasley Firm and an experienced trial lawyer in Philadelphia – and because of his widespread reputation for success in complex litigation, he is often asked to share his expertise and opinions with the press. Recently, Jim was quoted in an article for Philadelphia magazine on an interesting legal topic at the moment: Whether there is a legal case for American citizens to sue China over the COVID-19 pandemic.

The article notes that two Philadelphia citizens – CEO Frank Giordano and former NFL player and pastor Herb Lusk – are currently leading the charge to sue China and its party leaders, including President Xi Jinping. Alleging that the country failed to notify foreign tourists about the Wuhan COVID-19 crisis, the plaintiffs say that China is responsible for affecting “tens of millions” of American citizens, and as a result, the plaintiffs are also seeking to certify their lawsuit as a class action.

While there is some legal precedent for Americans to sue other countries, it can be an incredibly complicated process. As one of the attorneys who sued Iraq and Afghanistan on behalf of 9/11 victims, Jim Beasley, Jr. knows exactly how complicated it can be. Although Jim and his father were successful in obtaining a $104 million judgment, collecting and keeping that money for the plaintiffs was another matter entirely.

As Jim shared with Philadelphia magazine: “You can have a great case, but the State Department has always taken a position contrary to claims against foreign governments.” He also added that the China coronavirus lawsuit was unlikely to go anywhere, noting that China may have had a moral duty to share information, but not necessarily a legal one.

The outcome of the coronavirus lawsuit against China remains to be seen – but as a Philadelphia lawyer committed to representing injury victims even during the COVID-19 crisis, Attorney Jim Beasley, Jr. will continue to keep fighting for justice. If you need to speak with a qualified lawyer, you can trust that the team at The Beasley Firm will apply over 60 years of experience and skilled counsel to your case.

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