What to Look for as a Motorcyclist

a man on a motorcycleAs a motorcyclist, you can never predict what any other motorist on the road will do. Regardless of the situation, there are potentially harmful hazards of which you must be aware—including the actions of another driver.

Whenever you take to the road, you must prepare for what can happen. When you know what to look for, you can effectively identify ways to stay safe and prevent a severe collision from occurring. Here are some tips you should follow as a motorcyclist.

Drivers Swerving Between Lanes

When you recognize a driver swerving from lane to lane, it may be an indicator that he or she may have an impairment. The driver may be driving under the influence, texting and driving, or even too tired to drive.

Because motorcyclists often lane split, and you may do this as well, it’s crucial to look out for drivers who are swerving from lane to lane. The driver may make a small move in your direction, forcing you to swerve and potentially lose control of your vehicle.

Drivers Speeding Up to Intersections

Imagine you’re on your motorcycle waiting to turn left. You have a green light, and the oncoming traffic appears far enough way for you to turn safely. Suddenly, a driver in a passenger vehicle hits the accelerator, speeding up and barreling towards the intersection.

When a driver tries to beat a light and speeds through an intersection, he or she puts all others in the area at risk. Even if you think it’s a safe time to turn, take the extra precaution to ensure the oncoming traffic is traveling at a reasonable speed.

Drivers Following Too Closely

It can be daunting to have someone tailgate you while you’re on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, it does happen. It’s easy for you to make mistakes when you fear for your safety. If a driver is following you too closely, pull off to the side of the road when safe, and let the driver pass you.

If you suffer severe injuries as a motorcyclist because someone else acts negligently, you have legal rights. Our Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorneys at The Beasley Firm will be there to protect your rights every step of the way.

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