Treatment Options for a Birth Injury

a child in physical therapyParents whose child has suffered a birth injury may wonder if there are any treatment options that can cure their child’s condition. Fortunately, there are wonderful treatments which, if promptly implemented, can significantly reduce the damage caused by negligent labor and delivery. But time is of the essence.

Below, we discuss the various treatment options for a birth injury and how they may help improve certain birth injuries.

Birth Injury Treatments

There are a variety of treatment options for birth injuries, depending on the specific injury.

For hypoxic injury, the mainstay is total body cooling to slow the body’s metabolic rate, and to slow the body’s reaction to the hypoxic/anoxic insult. For birth trauma resulting in physical injury to the newborn, the options are surgery, medication, and therapy.

Total Body Cooling

Per the National Institutes of Health, total body cooling significantly reduces morbidity and mortality from hypoxic or anoxic insults during labor and delivery. However, it is critical that the health care providers recognize and act to limit the initial hypoxic/anoxic insult so that total body cooling is not necessary.

Unfortunately, we at The Beasley Firm, LLC have seen too many examples of negligent labor and delivery management which has resulted in significant hypoxic/ischemic injury that has required total body cooling. When promptly and properly instituted, this cooling regimen has had remarkable benefits, and has significantly reduced the newborn’s neurologic injury. A delay in implementing this cooling regimen is itself many times neglectful and adds to the damages initiated by neglectful labor and delivery care.  

An important study published by the National Institutes of Health provides additional guidance for families facing this issue.


Certain birth injuries may improve after surgical procedures. Children with severe cases of shoulder dystocia or Erb’s palsy may benefit from corrective procedures.

Other instances in which surgery may be necessary include:

  • Clavicle fractures
  • Brain hemorrhaging
  • Skull fractures
  • Vaginal/rectal lacerations


Medications may be beneficial for children who have suffered brain damage after oxygen deprivation during the labor and delivery process. Cerebral palsy (CP) and Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) are two conditions where this may be the case.

For these children, the following medications may be helpful:

  • Anti-spastic medication
  • Seizure medication
  • Anticholinergic medication
  • Stool softeners


Several types of therapies may help children who have experienced birth injuries to recover some of their motor control, coordination, and cognitive abilities.

Therapies that may be beneficial to these individuals include the following:

  • Physical therapy to help with coordination and movement
  • Occupational therapy to improve cognitive, physical, and sensory abilities

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