Missed Developmental Milestones May Indicate a Birth Injury

a mother and her child playing with blocksWhen babies and children meet certain milestones, it’s a sign that they are developing normally. Several missed milestones, however, are a cause for concern.

Below, our Philadelphia birth injury attorneys discuss what it may mean if your child misses certain developmental milestones.

What Milestones Should My Child Meet?

Babies and young children should meet certain milestones every few months. These include the following:

Two to Four Months Old

  • Coos and smiles

  • Follows people with eyes

  • Holds head up

  • Pushes up on elbows if lying on stomach

Six to Nine Months Old

  • Brings objects to mouth

  • Rolls over

  • Passes objects from hand to hand

  • Sits alone

  • Begins to crawl

One Year Old

  • Can walk unassisted or while holding onto furniture

  • Starts to say words

18 Months Old

  • Stands and walks

  • Eats with a spoon

  • Can say single words

  • Points to objects

If your child has missed several milestones, it does not necessarily mean that they have suffered a birth injury. It’s important for you to meet with a medical professional to determine if a birth injury is present.

Keep in mind that not all birth injuries are immediately apparent. Some birth injuries may not present symptoms until a child begins school. Usually, these are birth injuries that affect a child’s cognitive development such as ADD or ADHD.

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