Barbara Axelrod Receives George F. Douglas Jr. Amicus Curiae Award

Pennsylvania Association for Justice Honors Attorney Axelrod 

Throughout her storied legal career, our Philadelphia appellate and trial attorney Barbara R. Axelrod has achieved extraordinary results by writing briefs before Pennsylvania’s highest courts. In recognition of these accomplishments, the Pennsylvania Association for Justice (PAJ) recently awarded with the George F. Douglas, Jr. Amicus Curiae Award! She is also the first woman to ever receive this award in its entire 25-year history.

A longtime member of PAJ, Barbara has been an active participant in this organization for 25 years and has also served as a member of the Amicus Committee since it was created. Additionally, she has served consecutive two-year terms as the Vice-Chair and then the Chair of the Amicus Committee, spanning from 2015 to 2019.

The Amicus Committee oversees the PAJ briefs written before appellate and trial courts, and during her tenure as a Committee member, Barbara has written and consulted on some of the most successful written briefs. One of the most notable: The PAJ’s Amicus brief in Augustus Feleccia and Justin T. Resch v. Lackawanna College, et al., which had a significant impact on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in its ultimate decision.

At The Beasley Firm, we’ve enjoyed the privilege of relying on Barbara’s outstanding talent for brief-writing and appeals law. In fact, our founding partner Jim Beasley first hired Barbara to handle our appeals because she had written a powerful brief for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as a Divisional Deputy Solicitor at the City of Philadelphia’s Law Department.

According to her fellow committee members, Barbara is the “go-to” for anything they need during the appeals process, with current Committee Chair Daryl Christopher remarking that she is an “incredible attorney and an invaluable asset to PAJ.” Our team at The Beasley Firm is proud to congratulate Barbara on this remarkable accomplishment and wish her continued success for her clients and at the PAJ.

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