Motorcycle Safety: What You Can Do to Prevent a Crash

motorcyclist holding helmetMotorcyclists enjoy the freedom they have on the open road. However, it’s that same freedom that often results in the rider suffering severe harm. Because of the severity of these collisions, motorcyclists need to prioritize safety on the road.

Below, we detail some of the steps motorcyclists can take to protect themselves and prevent a severe crash.

Drive Defensively

Defensive driving is not just for motorists in larger passenger vehicles. Motorcyclists are often less visible on the road, making it critical for them to take every precaution possible to stay out of harm’s way.

Some of the most productive defensive driving tactics include:

  • Following safety laws and speed limits
  • Adhering to traffic signs and signals
  • Avoiding drunk, distracted, or reckless drivers
  • Driving within the proper lanes
  • Keeping enough distance between vehicles

Watch for Reckless Drivers

Motorcyclists are highly susceptible to harm whenever they are near a reckless driver. These types of drivers may display signs such as swerving between lanes, slowing down and speeding up randomly, and making erratic movements on the road.

Most people think they should try and pass these drivers. However, this is one way to approach the danger rather than avoid it. Instead, pull over, call the local law enforcement, and wait before proceeding to stay away from the reckless driver.

Avoid Lane Splitting

Motorcyclists often use lane splitting as a method to avoid traffic and get to their destination quickly. However, not everyone recognizes these maneuvers, and many drivers try to merge lanes without looking for motorcyclists approaching their vehicle.

When the driver merges, they can sideswipe a motorcyclist, or the bike can crash into the vehicle’s rear-end. The injuries from this type of crash are often catastrophic.

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