Riding a Motorcycle Safely in Inclement Weather

a traffic sign in rainy weatherDespite treacherous weather conditions, many motorcyclists still take to the road on their bikes. While they enjoy the freedom that comes with riding their motorcycle, many factors make driving in terrible weather a hazard.

For motorcyclists, it’s crucial to recognize ways to ride safely in winter weather. Whether in snow or rain, motorcyclists should ensure they’re taking specific steps to stay as safe as possible.

Speeds Should Be Safe for Conditions

Many streets have posted speed limits to keep all individuals safe. However, these speed limits consider perfect weather conditions. They don’t always apply to drivers and motorcyclists who are on the road in terrible weather conditions.

Whenever there is rain or snow, motorcyclists and all others should only go as fast as conditions allow. This speed is often slower than the posted speed limits because the roads are slippery, and fog can significantly impact the rider’s visibility.

Keep a Reasonable Distance

Motorcyclists have a reputation for riding too close to other vehicles—whether behind or on the side of them. While motorcyclists may feel like they have control over their vehicles and can travel close to others, the terrible weather conditions can make this a bit tricky.

Keep a reasonable distance away from other vehicles. The slippery surface makes it more difficult for anybody to stop. When you consider the speed that motorcyclists often travel at, it may be much more difficult to stop in time.

Watch for Road Dangers

Bad weather often hides road dangers. Some of the most dangerous road hazards include potholes, missing traffic signals, and black ice. These dangers can create significant problems for motorcyclists, even causing them to lose control of the motorcycle and suffering a severe crash.

Driving safe is not just for motorcyclists. Drivers in passenger vehicles must ensure they’re also operating their cars safely. If they don’t, they can cause serious harm. The injured party may hold a driver negligent, even if the weather plays a role in the cause of the crash.

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