Image of Lady Of Justice Statue with text: $5.4 Million Judgement: Eastern District of Virginia Against the United States.

The Beasley Firm Case Study: $5.4 million Aviation Judgment against The United States

The Complexities of Aviation Accident Cases

Beasley Firm attorneys Jim Beasley Jr. and Lane R. Jubb, Jr. obtained a $5.4 million judgment in the Eastern District of Virginia against the United States for the negligence of one of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) air traffic controllers.

Two men were killed in a midair collision which occurred on a beautiful, clear day outside of Culpepper, Virginia when air traffic control failed to act on a collision alert on its radar screen.

Our client, the wife, and two children of a highly-skilled flight instructor, was providing a flight review for a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) official. Another aircraft, piloted by an FAA inspector, was speaking with Air Traffic Control who was providing separation services for him, and guiding him through practice instrument approaches.

For over thirty seconds, the Controller was given an audible and visual warning that the two aircraft were on a collision course; by the time this Controller reacted, the aircraft had already impacted. This impact caused such damage to the aircraft in which our client was flying that it lost control, and plummeted approximately 2000 feet until it impacted terrain. The two pilots on board died of trauma and burns. The other aircraft was still flyable, and that pilot was able to make an emergency landing.

Suing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

When suing the FAA, there are precise and technical procedures to follow, or the case will be dismissed. Similarly, this case had to be tried in the Eastern District of Virginia, known to be notoriously demanding for the trial lawyer.

Jim and Lane prepared the case with the finest experts, developed compelling testimony and evidence, and tried the case before the Honorable Liam O’Grady.

After all of the evidence was submitted, Judge O’Grady issued his Order in which he awarded $5.4 million to our clients. You can read the opinion here. WD#416928

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