Beasley Firm Case Study: Cerebral Palsy

The Unique Challenges of Birth Injury Cases

Beasley Firm attorneys Jim Beasley Jr. and Lou Tumolo represented a little boy who suffers from cerebral palsy due to negligent labor and delivery management. The Beasley Firm has, for six decades, represented the most vulnerable children with catastrophic neurologic injuries, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for these children. This case presented unique challenges in terms of the legal requirement for “causation,” and this case had been rejected by another Philadelphia personal injury law firm.

Identifying Substandard Obstetrics Care

With thorough preparation, the Beasley Firm attorneys Jim Beasley Jr. and Lou Tumolo identified areas of substandard obstetrics care. It was also determined that the defendant physician had instructed his office staff to add a false entry into the office chart, making the records appear that the mother had been told to go to the hospital the day before, when that was false. Having that altered medical records, obviously not detected by the other law firm that reviewed and rejected this case, significantly strengthened the claim, was a volatile fact that would anger any juror, and put our client in a much better position.

Proving The Altering of Medical Records

Lou Tumolo, as a former homicide prosecutor, used those skills and expertise to nail the physician and his staff on this fraudulent record. Taking experts from his prosecutorial background, the altered record was proven.

Due to the strength of The Beasley Firm’s case preparation, the defendants were forced to settle this case for a substantial, confidential sum even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and courthouse closures. This settlement will ensure that this little boy and his family will have all of the financial support to make his life as happy and healthy as possible. Part of this is due to Jim and Lou’s continued, detailed involvement in ensuring any medical bills are negotiated as low as possible, and to coordinate with skilled trust and estate attorneys to best protect this child’s settlement funds, and to ensure he continues to receive all of the state and federal benefits to which he is entitled.

Your Birth Injury Advocates

For six decades, the attorneys and staff at The Beasley Firm have been honored and privileged to represent the most injured and needy individuals. If you or a loved one have suffered a birth injury or any other catastrophic injury such as paralysis, please contact us and we will thoroughly and promptly investigate your claims. If we believe you have a lawsuit, we will be tireless advocates for you and your family.