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When Does Amputation Become a Negligence-Related Injury?

There are several reasons why a limb may be amputated; however, there are some situations that are medically necessary. On the other hand, there are some situations involving negligence that can result in a limb being severed or amputated.

In terms of personal injury law, negligence must be shown as an aspect of the amputation to determine if liability is involved. Here are the various circumstances in which negligence can be shown regarding the cause of the injury and amputation.

Preventable Infections

In certain situations, such as in a hospital, contamination is a real possibility and infections can spread. Unfortunately, some uncontrollable infections can be the cause of amputation and it may be considered someone else’s actions, allowing for a possible legal action.

It is up to the medical facility to ensure infections do not spread. In order to do so, amputation may be necessary on a limb. Similarly, this can be the case involving cancer tumors when in the later stages if not properly diagnosed by a medical professional.

Car Wrecks

In some car accidents, the collision can be significant enough to sever a limb. This is because the frame often collapses during the crash and the sharp metal can cause significant damage to those inside the vehicle. If this happens, the individual responsible for the car accident can be considered liable and injured party may be able to pursue compensation for the damages.

Industrial Accidents

There are some instances when unsafe machinery, explosions, or other problems in the workplace can play a role in causing amputation. There are various industries when the risk of amputation is increased and it’s important for these industries to ensure safety.

At The Beasley Firm, we’re well aware of the various circumstances that can cause amputations, as well as those involving negligence. We work hard to protect the rights of our clients and guide them through the legal matters when applicable.

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