Physical and Mental Impact of Cerebral Palsy

young child with physical handicap from cerebral palsyWhen a baby is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it’s important for the parents to recognize the overall impact to help ensure they know what to do moving forward. This means understanding the physical and mental impact associated with the disorders.

While the symptoms of this condition will vary based on the severity of the disorder, it should be noted that there are significant obstacles to overcome. However, knowing what to expect can help parents treat the impact in a positive and effective method.

Physical Impact

Most of the cases involving cerebral palsy are solely physically debilitating for the child. This includes problems regarding muscle tone, coordination, balance, and other physical attributes that can limit overall development and milestones.

For instance, a child may experience stiffness and have trouble turning over from his or her stomach to back or back to stomach. In other situations, the muscle tone may not be fully developed, and you may notice your baby is droopy whenever you pick him or her up and their head lags.

Mental Impact

There are a few cases of cerebral palsy that can cause mental disabilities in the child as well, making it more difficult to comprehend various things. This can also impact his or her ability to speak, hear, or see properly.

However, there are also the issues of mental coping where children may be unsure of the condition with which they are living. It can be difficult for your child to truly understand the limitations set by this condition, so working with them through various methods of therapy is crucial.

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