Determining if Negligence is Involved in Causing Cerebral Palsy

mother with her son who has cerebral palsyOne of the biggest aspects of a case involving cerebral palsy is proving that some kind of negligence was the root of the causation. This can be confusing for many parents as there are various problems that can exist in gaining the necessary evidence to take legal action against the medical professional.

Before you know if you have a case against a medical professional, it is imperative you know what causes cerebral palsy. This can help you recognize what negligence may have caused the condition to form.

What Causes Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy may not have a direct cause in the eyes of many, but for the most part, it is believed that it is the result of lack of oxygen. This is something that happens more often than it should during pregnancy and delivery, but it can be prevented.

Lack of oxygen for a short period of time may not be something that causes the condition, but if it is left to persist for an extended time period, this can be very dangerous. Here are some of the various ways lack of oxygen can occur during the pregnancy or delivery phases.

  • Prolonged labor—whenever labor lasts longer than 20 hours
  • Failure to identify the need for an emergency cesarean section
  • Problems with umbilical cord prolapse or nuchal cord
  • Various conditions the mother has

Typically, lack of oxygen should be recognized through proper fetal monitoring and it is the responsibility of the medical professional to take necessary action to prevent long-term damage from occurring. If this does not happen and the baby suffers for a long period of time, the doctor or nurse may be considered negligent and they may be held accountable in a birth injury lawsuit.

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