Can Cerebral Palsy be Caused Later in Life?

child with cerebral palsy fishingMany people wonder about various conditions, what can cause them, and when they can occur. One of those conditions is cerebral palsy. However, before you worry about the condition occurring at a later stage of your life, there are a few important things that you need to recognize about the condition and when it happens.

The Cause of Cerebral Palsy

The main cause of cerebral palsy is a lack of oxygen flow to the brain which results in the group of disorders that impacts muscle tone, learning ability, and more. While this is possible for older individuals to suffer, it’s not typically diagnosed in the same manner.

Cerebral palsy is a birth injury condition that occurs within the first few years of a baby’s life. Adults can have it, but it is something that happens because of an injury sustained as a baby during the pregnancy or actual delivery.

What Would an Adult be Diagnosed With?

Cerebral palsy is a term used specifically for the disorders sustained during the earlier years of a baby’s life. However, if an adult suffers from lack of oxygen or any other brain injury, the doctor may diagnose differently based on the symptoms and severity.

Regarding cerebral palsy in the legal world, this is something that the parents would take legal action for and file a lawsuit against the negligent medical professional for his or her actions.

It’s crucial to file a case involving cerebral palsy quickly, typically within a few years of diagnosis. To do so, the family with the affected child must show that the medical professional responsible for the pregnancy and delivery was negligent in preventing the injury from occurring.

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