What Kind of Damages May Be Available after a Birth Injury?

lawyer desk with scales and gavelBirth injuries are some of the most dangerous that can occur because of the long-term impact a baby may experience. For the families impacted, seeking compensation to help cover a number of the expenses associated with the birth injury may be imperative.

It’s important to understand what damages may be available to seek the right damages to help you move forward.

Economic Damages

When a birth injury occurs, the baby or mother may require long-term medical care. This can include additional procedures, surgeries, physical therapy, or even changes to the home to accommodate the situation.

Economic damages help families with these expenses as they are awarded to those with direct monetary losses. The court may look at past costs and potential future expenses to determine how much to award the family.

Non-Economic Damages

When a court determines non-economic damages, it is looking at a number of factors including the value estimated for loss of enjoyment in life, pain and suffering, and emotional damages that may be sustained by both the mother and baby.

Non-economic damages may be difficult to determine as there is no direct monetary loss, but is instead used to help the family with some of the emotional trauma that may be experienced.

Punitive Damages

In rare cases, punitive damages may be awarded to the family in a way to punish the responsible party and to prevent others from acting in the same manner. In order to seek punitive damages, it is necessary to show that the medical professional acted in a malicious way.

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