Traumatic Brain Injuries and Their Causes

doctor and nurse checking brain scan on monitorThe brain is a sensitive part of the body. Significant impacts can result in long-term problems. However, it’s important to recognize some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries as you may have legal options to pursue compensation for the damages you have sustained.

These are some of the most common acts of negligence that can cause a traumatic brain injury, as well as what you can do to take legal action and pursue justice.

Car Accidents Resulting Brain Injuries

Atop the list of causes when it comes to traumatic brain injuries is car accidents and other motor vehicle collisions. This is because even small collisions can create enough force to rattle your brain inside of your skull, which can damage the tissue around your brain. This small jolt can create a concussion.

Most brain injuries resulting from car accidents are a result of your head making contact with your vehicle’s frame or dashboard. Any situation where there is external trauma to your brain can be serious enough to cause moderate or severe brain injuries.

How Slip and Falls Cause TBIs

Imagine walking on the sidewalk during the winter months and you come across an unmaintained area where black ice has formed. You slip and fall, and you slam your head on the floor. This is severe enough to cause internal brain bleeds and trauma.

You may also slip and fall in various industries, such as on a construction site.

Acts of Violence

The third most common cause of traumatic brain injuries comes in the form of violence. When someone suffers a TBI as a result of violence, they may be able to seek economic and non-economic damages, as well as punitive damages, which are used to punish a person whose reckless and malicious actions caused the harm.

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