What Are the Different Kind of Errors Leading to Birth Injuries?

holding a baby's handFar too often, errors exist in medical facilities, putting individuals at serious risk of danger. This is no different when a woman is pregnant and expecting a baby. Although, these errors can cause serious harm to the baby or the mother. Here are some of the errors that can occur and their impact.

Failure to Identify the Need for Emergency C-Section

There are some situations that must be properly identified that would call for the medical professional to perform an emergency C-section. This can include irregular heartbeat or other signs of distress that could be seen as an indicator of a problem.

If the situation is prolonged and the issue is allowed to persist, it may lead to serious issues that may lead to brain damage or other physical or emotional damage.

High Blood Pressure

Both mother and baby must be properly monitored to ensure they are not experiencing high blood pressure. When the mother has high blood pressure, it can cause complications for the baby so taking the proper steps to remedy the situation is important.

Improper Monitoring During the Pregnancy

Errors are not only part of the delivery process; problems can also arise throughout the entire pregnancy. The doctor is expected to check on the baby and mother at every appointment to get a general idea of how well the baby is doing.

As such, when they fail to take the necessary steps to monitor mother and baby, they are risking missing a potential complication. For instance, if the doctor does not check the heartbeat, they may not be aware of an issue such as oxygen deprivation.

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