Causes Part 3: Improper Use of Vacuum Extractors

holding a newborn's handMany individuals are unsure of what exactly causes a birth injury. However, having knowledge of this can help if the need for a lawsuit ever arises. In part three of our causes series, we discuss how the improper use of a vacuum extractor during delivery can cause serious harm.

What Is a Vacuum Extractor?

During the labor process, the mother may encounter complications with delivery that would prompt the doctor to use a tool designed to assist with delivering the baby. One of these tools is a vacuum extractor, which consists of a cup with a handle and a vacuum pump.

The cup is used on the baby’s head to help guide them out of the birth canal. This may be recommended by the obstetrician delivering the baby, but the mother may deny the use of this tool as there are potential risks associated with it.

Opting for an emergency C-section may be a better option as both the mother and baby may sustain injury if the vacuum extractor is used in an improper manner.

How Can a Vacuum Extractor Cause Harm?

Both the mother and the baby are at risk if a vacuum extractor is used as it can cause pain in the perineum for the mother, as well as tears, difficulty with the bladder functions, or urinary or fecal incontinence.

However, for the baby, there is much higher risk of more serious, long-term damages. This may include wounds to the baby’s scalp, the potential of shoulder dystocia, fractures to the skull, or hemorrhaging, which is bleeding within the skull. While rare, babies may suffer serious injuries from these damages.

If the vacuum extractor is used incorrectly and the baby or mother suffer serious injuries as a result, a birth injury lawsuit may be filed against the negligent party to pursue compensation for the damages suffered as a result.

Understanding the potential causes of a birth injury can be difficult, but with the help of our Philadelphia birth injury attorneys, you can have a better understanding of what you can do to move forward.

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