How Speech and Language Therapy Helps with Cerebral Palsy

child with cerebral palsyOne of the symptoms associated with cerebral palsy is the potential for the child to experience speech problems as they grow up. This can be problematic and impact the child’s ability to make a living and communicate properly.

Luckily, there are resources available to help children diagnosed with cerebral palsy to improve their speaking ability, as well as other problems that may be experienced including swallowing and eating issues—both of which can stem from the disorder.

How Does Speech and Language Therapy Help?

When you have a child dealing with cerebral palsy, they may have trouble speaking. A speech therapist can help your child learn how to communicate clearly through speech and potentially sign language if they are unable to speak.

There is a possibility that your child will need to use communication devices to help speak such as a synthesizer or potentially a computer. The speech therapist will work to help your child learn how to use these devices.

Speech therapists can be very helpful in understanding what problems your child is facing and how you can help improve while they’re outside of therapy as well. This includes helping your child with problems they may experience while eating or swallowing.

Having a speech therapist can be expensive when you consider how long your child will need to go through the process. Many parents are unaware of how they can afford this type of treatment over the long-term, but if the cerebral palsy is caused by negligence, there are options to help parents cover the costs.

Speak with our Philadelphia birth injury attorneys if you feel negligence was part of the cause of your child’s cerebral palsy. At The Beasley Firm, we aim to keep you educated about what you can do to pursue justice, as well as the various therapy options available to you to help your child live as comfortable a life as possible.

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