How Occupational Therapy Helps with Cerebral Palsy

child with cerebral palsy doing therapyThere are a lot of misconceptions about cerebral palsy and many feel as though it is a life-threatening condition. While it can and will have a tremendous impact on a child’s life, there are various resources available that can help to lighten the load of the situation a bit.

One of the treatment options available that can help improve a child’s ability even with cerebral palsy is occupational therapy. It’s important to recognize how occupational therapy can help, as well as what is needed to improve your child’s quality of life.

What Does Occupational Therapy Do?

When your child has cerebral palsy, there are certain limitations they may encounter regarding their physical and mental abilities. This can take them out of their daily functions and routines, making it more difficult for them to have a comfortable life.

Occupational therapy helps in these regards as therapists will take time with your child to improve their independence. The therapist will work on daily activities your child may have at home or in school, and use various pieces of equipment to help improve mobility and comfort levels.

These pieces of equipment can include canes, walkers, wheelchairs (standard or electric), and seating systems.

All of these combined can help a child move forward with the condition and not let it affect him or her for the rest of their lives. It can be a difficult process, and one that can prove to be costly over time, making it imperative for families to pursue compensation for the damages sustained.

Our Philadelphia birth injury lawyers recognize the importance of this type of therapy and want you to be able to afford it. That’s why, when negligence is involved in causing your baby’s cerebral palsy, you deserve someone on your side willing to fight for justice and seek the most favorable outcome possible.

At The Beasley Firm, we focus on your priorities, helping your child live with cerebral palsy, and avoiding the exorbitant expenses that come along with it. Trust in our team to guide you throughout the entire process and pursue justice on your behalf.

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