Explosion in South Philadelphia Leaves Two Missing, One Potentially Deceased

Philly skylineAround 11:30 A.M. Thursday morning, there were multiple reports of a blast from a South Philadelphia neighborhood resulting in two homes collapsing. Roughly 60 residents were evacuated in the surrounding areas.

Fire officials responded quickly and had the fire under control by 2:45 P.M. However, what’s unknown is how many people are missing, injured, or deceased because of the blast.

Officials found at least one person who they believe to be deceased, but they were unable to reach the person to get him or her out. The department received reports of at least one or two people trapped in a nearby structure, but just 80% of the structure was accessible.

We’ll update as more becomes known, but we understand the impact this has on the community.

This is our neighborhood and we care about every person in it. The Beasley Firm sends those affected and their families the deepest condolences. You are in our thoughts during this very challenging time.