3 Ways Insurance Companies Lie to Protect Their Profits

lawyer looking through documentsWhat do you do when you pay for a policy each month, yet when you need insurance companies the most, they’re not there for you in the way you expect them to be? Unfortunately, when you’re injured in a car accident caused by negligence, you’re dealing with the insurance company of the person who hit you.

As a result, you face an uphill battle just to seek the compensation you deserve.

See, insurance companies are often dishonest and use unethical tactics to limit how much liability they are to accept in car accidents. As such, they’ll lie to pay out as little as possible and, in turn, protect their own profits in a personal injury lawsuit.

1. Using Your Recorded Statement Against You

After a crash, you may be asked by the other person’s insurance company to provide a recorded statement in which you give details of the crash. This is something they’ll try to use to compare to initial statements given to law enforcement at the time of the accident and to your insurance company.

They’ll tell you it’s just for their records, but it’s the insurance companies’ way of finding any discrepancies in your statement that they can use against you.

2. Saying You Apologized at the Scene

The moments after a crash can be confusing as shock sets in and many individuals are unaware of what they may have said following the crash. The insurance company may try to claim that you apologized after the crash, thus creating what would appear as an admission of guilt, potentially forfeiting your right to take legal action.

3. Claiming Your Injury Was Preexisting

Part of proving liability is showing that the injury you sustained was a direct result of the car crash caused by negligence. In this situation, the defendant’s insurance company may try to claim that you were injured before crash even occurred or that it resulted from something else. They may try to paint the picture that you are lying about your condition in order to pay less or nothing at all.

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