5 Things You Can Do to Calm the Anxiety of PTSD

group therapyBeing involved in a car accident is one of the most taxing and daunting experiences a person can have. There are so many things that can go wrong; injuries that can be sustained. And then you can factor in the potential of post-traumatic stress, and it becomes even more complicated.

Dealing with PTSD after a car accident often means understanding why it is happening and what you can do to help calm the effects of the condition. One of the common feelings when a flashback occurs is anxiety. Here are some ways to help overcome this.

1. Practice Breathing Techniques

It’s easy to let the feeling of anxiety overwhelm you and put you in a different state. Instead, you want to take some time and breathe calmly. If you can relax your body, you can relax your mind, and hopefully the anxiety will subside in a short time.

2. Remove Yourself from the Situation

The feeling of anxiety is often triggered by something that reminds you of the accident and puts you back in an uncomfortable situation. Remove yourself from the situation if you start to feel that anxiety is building up.

3. Confront the Situation

If you’re the type to tackle your fears and concerns head on, you may want to confront your triggers. This means approaching the situation with a positive attitude that allows you to overcome the anxiety little by little. This often means going out of your comfort zone and putting yourself in difficult positions.

4. Reach Out to a Supportive Friend

If you’re suffering from PTSD, you want to make sure you have a support group of people you can reach out to when you’re struggling. If you find yourself in a position where you are starting to feel anxious, use this opportunity to reach out to someone in your support group and let them help talk you out of the feeling.

5. Write About It

When flashbacks occur, having a journal to document what you felt, what you experienced, and what caused the trigger can be very helpful. You can revisit your notes later and work on ways to get out of the situation or cope with it better.

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