Determining if an Injury Occurred During Flight

Aisle of an airplane When most people hear the term aviation accident, it’s easy to see why they think of a plane or helicopter crash. However, that’s not the only time an injury can occur when it comes to airlines. In some cases, injuries can occur during the flight on the aircraft itself.

Determining how the injury happened, as well as the injuries that can be sustained, is important to seeking legal action against the airline. Our team details some of the ways to determine if an injury occurred during a flight and what you can do about it if you were hurt as a result of negligence.

Rights of Passengers

When passengers board an aircraft, they are supposed to be afforded a number of rights that are meant to keep them safe. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and they may sustain injuries as a result. Here are some of the rights passengers have during flights.

  • Passengers should have a safe path from their seats to the restrooms or throughout the aircraft without potential dangers impeding said path.
  • Airlines must remedy any dangerous conditions existing on the plane when they know of them, or reasonably should have known of them.
  • Passengers must be instructed regarding safety use of items on board, as well as use of storage for luggage and loose materials.
  • Airlines must employ trained individuals who have been informed of safety issues on the aircraft.
  • Passengers are prohibited from creating dangers for others on the aircraft.

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