Causes and Injuries of Boating Accidents

speed boat in the oceanAs the weather begins to warm up and summer approaches, there is an increased amount of an activity on the water.

While this is great to help escape the heat or get in some great recreation time, boats and other watercrafts can pose potential dangers to those operating them.

Unfortunately, boating accidents are far too common and the potential injuries are often life-threatening because there is limited protection on watercrafts. Here are some of the potential causes of boating accidents, as well as the injuries that may be caused as a result.

1. Intoxicated Drivers

Just like the laws on land, if someone is going to drive a boat, they should not be intoxicated. It is illegal and could cause a lapse in judgment, leading to a potential crash. Intoxicated boat drivers can be held liable when they run into another watercraft.

2. Inexperienced Boaters

While many people want to drive the boat and feel like it is easy enough to do so, inexperienced boaters may be unaware of the laws on the water and what they must do to keep themselves—and others—safe from harm. This may lead to serious crashes with others.

3. Distractions on the Boat

Much like a driver texting while operating a vehicle, too many distractions on a boat can cause the driver to lose control or lose visibility of other watercrafts. Individuals on the boat should stay seated while the boat is in motion and avoid making physical contact with the driver that would impair their ability to operate the boat safely.

4. Product Defects

In some cases, driver negligence may not be the issue at all. Boats are expected to be manufactured safely and free of any dangers. This may not always happen. When a product is defective, accidents may occur such as power failures, fire from improper ventilation, and more.

Philadelphia Boating Accident Attorneys Protecting the Injured

Injuries can vary, but most stemming from a boating accident are serious. These can include lacerations, broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and even death. Because of this, if someone sustains in injury as a result of another boater’s negligent actions, the injured party may be able to seek compensation.

Our Philadelphia boating accident lawyers at The Beasley Firm have the experience necessary to hold negligent boaters accountable for their actions. We know how hard it can be to move forward after an injury, so we work with our clients through each step to seek the most favorable results possible.

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