What Damages May I Be Entitled to?

medical bills past dueAfter someone sustains a serious injury, they may want to consider taking legal action in order to seek compensation for the damages they have sustained. However, not everyone which type of compensation they may be entitled to and what they can recover. Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at The Beasley Firm help clients understand what options they may have and their rights moving forward.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are defined as those which have monetary value. For instance, medical expenses would be considered economic damages because they cost the victim and his or her family money. This also includes items such as rehabilitation costs, damages to vehicles or other property, and other losses.

One other thing that may be considered economic damages is lost wages from the inability to work. Many injuries are considered catastrophic, preventing the individuals from performing some of their regular work duties. This means they may not have the income they once did. Economic damages may cover these expenses.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are those that don’t have monetary value such as pain and suffering, loss of companionship, loss of guidance, loss of support, and more. These are things that can be compensated for, but there is no direct way to calculate the exact losses. The amount is up to the discretion of the judge in the case.

Seeking damages is extremely important for victims and their families. This compensation can help the injured party move forward with the recovery process without concern of the financial hardships involved. Our team works hard to represent the best interests of our clients. We take these matters personal because nobody should have to suffer because of the negligence of another. Let us help guide you through the difficult process and seek the compensation you deserve at all times.

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