The Impact of the Legal Process After a Catastrophic Injury

brain xrayAny time someone is harmed due to the negligence of another, it can be a devastating and traumatic experience. When the injury is considered catastrophic, the impacts are even greater, often amplified by the long and sometimes drawn out legal process. For those who don’t seek representation from legal professionals, this can make the legal process even more arduous. To lessen the impact of legal matters after a catastrophic injury, our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys are here to help.

Can a Lawsuit Prevent Further Harm?

As a victim, you may be focused on your own well-being, and that is completely fine. However, when you file legal action against a negligent party, you’re doing more than just looking after yourself. You are bringing these negligent and reckless actions to the public eye. In terms of big corporations, manufacturers, or other large parties, a lawsuit can make the potential dangers public, forcing them to fix the issues, preventing other individuals from sustaining serious injuries.

How a Personal Injury Claim Helps You

When a victim files a personal injury claim, the main focus is to seek the compensation they deserve. This can be done in multiple ways, starting with the potential for a settlement offer from the defendant’s insurance company. Often times, however, these settlement offers are much lower than the victim could receive by pursuing a jury trial.

Should you refuse the settlement, the trial would commence, allowing you and your legal team to provide evidence to a courtroom in order to convince them that the injury stemmed from another party’s negligence. At the end of the case, you may receive compensation meant to help cover expenses related to the injury, including medical bills, treatment, lost wages, and more.

No matter the case, our Philadelphia catastrophic injury lawyers at The Beasley Firm work hard to protect the rights and legal options of our clients every step of the way. You deserve strong representation, and we are available to help discuss your case in a free consultation so you have peace of mind every step of the way.

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