The Aftermath of a Plane Crash for the Victim

man in a wheel chairWhile plane crashes often result in a number of fatal injuries, there are some instances in which the victim survives. Though the news will report about the incident briefly, the surviving victims of plane crashes are seldom discussed in the public view beyond the incident. Because of this, not many people are aware of the impact that occurs during the aftermath of a plane crash for the victims. At The Beasley Firm, our Philadelphia aviation accident attorneys know how difficult life can be after such a horrific tragedy, and we’re here to help.

The Physical

Because plane crashes often occur after the plane falls to the ground, the injuries sustained are usually catastrophic. This results in long-term pain and constant medical care in order to heal and recover. In many instances, the treatments are lifelong because of the severity of the crash which can result in broken bones, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, or amputation.

The Emotional

Emotional trauma is a real thing for survivors of serious victims. Often times, a plane crash victim may have a hard time even seeing a plane take off, let alone step foot on a plane again. This often results in the need for therapy in order to overcome some of the fears you may face.

The Financial

The financial burden of a plane crash is what prompts legal matters to arise. Medical treatments, medication, rehabilitation, lost wages, and therapy are all real needs for victims and over time, they can cost millions of dollars. This is just another burden to deal with, but seeking compensation from the negligent party can help ease the load.

The Legal

Nobody who is healing from an injury wants to endure the long and strenuous legal processes that follow. Having skilled lawyers on your side after the fact can help you focus on your recovery while your legal team handles the long legal battle. It also means having someone who knows how to collect evidence and present a case in a way that looks after your best interests.

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