Determining if a Case Should go to Trial

Money and gavelBetween the moments after an accident and the time a case reaches trial, there are a large number of conversations to be had regarding the best case strategy for the victim. One such consideration is whether or not a case should go to trial in order to accomplish the victim’s goals. Before you choose one option over another, it is important to know how each is handled and what can aid in the decision to go to trial.

How Settlements are Handled

A settlement is an offer from the defendant’s insurance company that would go to the victim in exchange for the victim not pursuing a lawsuit. This is a way for the insurance company to sweep the incident under the rug, avoid public record, and pay the victim an undisclosed amount of money for their damages.

Settlements, however, are often lower in value than a verdict is typically. Insurance companies may try to deny fault or put some amount of fault on the victim in order to pay a lesser amount. When this happens, it is a more appropriate time to go to trial and seek compensation.

Choosing a Trial

It is possible for the victim to deny the settlement offer from the insurance company and pursue the compensation through trial and there may be a number of reasons to consider this route. First, many accident victims don’t just want compensation; they also want justice. A lawsuit holds the responsible party accountable for their negligent actions.

Another reason to choose a trial would be an insufficient settlement offer. If the insurance company is offering you less than the maximum compensation to which you are entitled, you could consult with your legal team to determine if you could receive more by going through the trial process.

Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers always encourage victims to seek the maximum compensation available to them. Whether this means going through trial or settlement, you can trust that The Beasley Firm is here to help you and protect your best interests during one of the most difficult times in your life.

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