Can I Sue the City?

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Who is Liable?

When many people think of the legal process pertaining to an injury, they often think of the negligent party as another person. While this is most often the case, it’s not always that simple. Many people wonder if they have a lawsuit and who can be held liable. In cases of slip and falls, trip and falls, or some accidents, can a city be held liable? This depends on the underlying factors of the cause of injury.

Slip and Falls

In order for an injury caused by slip and fall to be considered the fault of a city or other government entity, there must be a number of factors considered. Evidence must show that the injury occurred on city property in which a clear danger was present. It must be shown that the city knew about the danger and did not take action to fix the issue or prevent injury from occurring. For instance, if a person trips on a broken stair leading up to a courthouse, this can be make that entity liable for the injuries if it is not fixed or if no warnings are present to let pedestrians know of the danger.

Auto Accidents

When it comes to auto accidents, proof can be a bit more difficult to get ahold of and showing liability can be tough. It’s not impossible, however. The city may be responsible if a collision is caused by poor road design — excessively sharp turns with high speed limits — missing traffic signals, unmaintained roads, and more.

There are plenty of factors that come into play, but knowing what can and cannot be used against the city is imperative. If a crash occurred because of a traffic sign that was hidden by a tree, yet another driver was negligent, it would be the fault of the other driver, not the city. These types of cases often require in-depth analysis of the crash and a sharp understanding of the laws pertaining to the specific case.

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