Can I Sue the Airline Company?

airplaneAfter an aviation crash, a common question arises regarding who the victim can sue for damages. Who is held liable? Unfortunately, there are a number of parties who may be considered liable, which is why it is important to have a Philadelphia aviation accident attorney to help answer questions you may have. As for whether or not you can sue the airline company for damages, it depends on the situation in which the injury occurred and the underlying factors.

Identifying FAA Violations

Prior to any kind of legal action against an airline company, it’s important to understand your rights and the regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. Unfortunately, violations of the FAA regulations are more common than many would like to think. Did the airline act negligently, causing the injury in question? Were there precautions not taken by the airline, leading to the plane crashing? These must be considered before moving forward.

The Duty of Care

When a passenger boards an airline aircraft, they are owed a reasonable duty of care. This means the aircraft must be operated safely, properly maintained, and inspected. It should be the top priority of the airline to ensure that the passengers are safe. If the proper steps are not taken, it can result in a crash, leading to significant injuries.

Airline companies can also be held liable if they hire individuals who are not trained, leading to an in-flight incident or crash. If the crash is caused by unusual defects, however, the airline may not be held liable for the injuries.

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