What are the Causes of Burn Injuries?

emt treating a burnBurn injuries are some of the most serious someone can sustain. So much so, they are considered to be catastrophic in many situations. This is because the long-term damage of a burn injury often results in the need for care, surgery, medical attention, and more.

Understanding what causes burn injuries can help individuals work to prevent harm to themselves and others they may be near. It’s a serious situation that warrants knowledge of the various instances in which someone can be hurt.

Scalding Burns

These are burns that are caused by hot and boiling liquids. For instance, hot coffee that is spilled on someone or boiling water that gets splattered onto someone’s skin. If this happens at a restaurant, the establishment may be considered liable.

Chemical Burns

These are most common in workplaces where certain chemicals are present. Most times, these elements have warnings, preventing workers from touching the chemicals with their skin. If there are no warnings or something goes wrong, it can cause a chemical burn.

Thermal Burns

These are caused by fire such as flames from matches, candles, lighters, stoves, and more. Some of the most common causes of burns are thermal, caused by direct heat from the flames.

Excessive Sun Exposure

Almost everyone has experienced this type of burn because it’s caused by too much exposure to the sun. It’s a simple sunburn, but it’s enough to cause serious pain.

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