Do Dram Shop Liability Laws Apply Only to Bars?

glass of whiskey and car keysDram shop liability is a complex area of the law that not many people know. There are a number of things that individuals need to consider when it comes to dram shop liability, but understanding it can be important for victims of drunk driving accidents.

Dram shop laws allow victims to hold various establishments accountable in situations where an individual who is visibly intoxicated is still served alcohol and then causes an accident. Who is responsible, though? Here’s what you need to know.

The Responsible Parties In a Drunk Driving Accident

Typically, most drunk driving accidents are simply the result of the driver who is intoxicated. Most of these types of crashes are simple to prove as drunk drivers often have to deal with the criminal process as well.

However, in dram shop law, there are multiple other parties who may be held accountable for the injuries sustained in a drunk driving crash. Here are some of the other possible parties who may be responsible:

  • Bar: A bar may be responsible if they are found to be guilty of serving an already intoxicated person. The bar has a responsibility to refuse service if a person is already drunk and the individual plans on leaving while driving.
  • Restaurant: A restaurant has the same responsibility as a bar in which they should not serve alcohol to someone who is already visibly intoxicated. Doing so can mean they’re partly liable for an accident that occurs once the patron leaves their site.
  • A Host: If someone throws a party at home and serves alcohol—especially to a minor—it can be considered liability if the driver gets into an accident after leaving the home.

Taking legal action as a part of dram shop law does not mean the driver is off the hook by any means. Instead, it holds multiple parties accountable for the injuries sustained. This type of situation also warrants hiring a strong legal advocate to protect your rights and guide you through such a complex case.

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