Child Injuries Caused By Fireworks

little boy holding a fire workIt’s June which means an increase in the number of people using fireworks. As we lead up to the 4th of July, individuals need to ensure that if they are going to use fireworks, they are doing so in the most careful manner possible.

Unfortunately, there is a high number of accidents that occur each year as a result of fireworks, including serious injuries to children. It’s important to know what injuries can occur and what legal options the victim may have if they suffered serious harm.

What Injuries Can Occur

Children are at serious risk because they often use sparklers, which they keep closer to themselves than they should. However, there are various other ways they can sustain serious injuries from larger fireworks.

Some of the injuries they may sustain include burn injuries, hearing problems, and even loss of vision. This is because some of the items used can let out sparks or even loud noises that could damage the eardrum.

Sparks are often the most common causes of injuries for children, especially when they’re too close to the fireworks or if there is a defect. It can cause serious burns, especially when it catches clothing on fire.

What Legal Options Do Victims Have?

For victims of firework injuries, legal liability is determined by how the accident occurs. There are a number of things to consider before holding any one party accountable.

For instance, if the injuries were caused by someone’s negligent act, that one party may be held liable. This includes situations such as the person lighting the fireworks aiming at a group or doing so in a bad location with plenty of people or bushes around.

In many situations, the fireworks used that cause the injury are faulty, which could mean there was a defect in the manufacturing or design of the fireworks. This could lead to explosions, fires, and more, putting the manufacturer at fault.

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