Types of Accidents that Can Cause PTSD

sad manWhen people hear the term post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, it’s easy to think of soldiers. After all, that is what the public hears about most. However, soldiers are not the only individuals who can develop PTSD after a serious event in their lives. In fact, one of the most dangerous damages a person can sustain after an accident of some sort is PTSD because of the long-term care and treatment it takes to aid in the healing process. There are many accidents from which PTSD stems.

Auto Crashes

We hear about auto collisions all of the time on the news, yet once it’s done, we don’t think about what happens to the victims. Whether involved in a car crash, truck collision, or motorcycle accident, these events can be traumatic, often causing thoughts of fear and anxiety for victims in the future. Perhaps they want to avoid riding next to trucks or they avoid highways. These are small issues of PTSD that impact plenty of victims of auto accidents.

Aviation Crashes

As we discussed in our blog earlier this month, aviation accidents can have a big impact on emotional trauma in the victim or his or her family. In many cases, victims are unable to even see planes flying without thinking back to the day of the crash and the effects. It’s easy for the anxiety to build up and the victim to begin to panic any time thoughts of the crash are evoked.

Pedestrian Crashes

Imagine this: You’re walking across the street at the crosswalk, when all of a sudden, a car runs the red light and strikes you. The physical injuries sustained are enough to cause distress, but the emotional trauma can be long-lasting. The thoughts of the accident can resurface any time the victim is forced to encounter a crosswalk, leading to anxiety and fear.

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