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The Roles of the FAA and NTSB in Plane Crashes

What happens after a plane crashes? There are a number of factors to deal with involving the crash. Local law enforcement should be present to help at the scene of the accident. However, two main organizations also are involved in plane safety and crashes: the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board. These two organizations hold specific powers concerning aviation crashes and it is important to understand their roles.

The Role of the FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has numerous responsibilities that play a role prior to and after an aviation accident. They are responsible for regulation of civil aviation, encouraging and developing new technology, operating air traffic control systems for civil and military aviation, regulating United States commercial air space and more. If a plane crash occurs as a result of a regulation violation, the FAA is involved in the enforcement.

The Role of the NTSB

When an accident occurs, it is the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) “Go Team” tasked with promptly and effectively reaching the accident scene to investigate and use expertise to help solve the complex problem that caused the crash.

This independent federal agency investigates the scene, determines probable cause, and issues future safety recommendations in order to prevent future planes from a similar fate. They help to improve safety in the aviation field through investigation which can be done in one of four ways: C form investigation, limited investigation, regional investigation, or major investigation.

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