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The Common Malfunctions in Aviation Crashes

Prior to taking off, planes must undergo proper inspection and maintenance to ensure that nothing is wrong. Unfortunately, despite some of the precautions that individuals can take, it doesn’t always result in a safe flight. There are some common malfunctions that can occur which make it possible for the plane to lose power, lose altitude, and eventually, crash.

Landing Gear Malfunction

There are a number of ways that a landing gear can fail, some of which are more common than others. This can include the following:

  • Lack of hydraulic fluid or lubrication
  • Uplock release or down lock engagement failure
  • Bad electrical connections
  • Worn parts beyond service limits
  • Unapproved parts in the landing gear
  • Non-operating safety switches
  • Landing retraction while tow bar attached

These are just a few of the common landing gear malfunctions that may occur, causing the plane to potentially crash.

Engine Failure

Engine failure over the years has become more of a human error rather than a mechanical error. However, there are still numerous instances in which parts fail because they are worn, not properly manufactured, or are simply defective. When something goes wrong with the engine of a plane, it can incite instant panic and the potential for a serious crash.

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