The Full Impact of a Civil Trial

Shutterstock 713982196When someone sustains an injury as a result of another person’s negligent actions, there are numerous routes they can take in order to seek compensation. They may agree to a settlement with the defendant’s insurance company, or the case may go to trial.

Going to trial is one of the most basic rights we have in America and it serves as a beneficial and thorough process. Trials do a lot for the victim involved in a personal injury case, but it also does a lot for the community because it brings negligence and the acts of the defendant into public view.

How Trials Protect Future Individuals

Consider a case involving product liability. These are defective products that cause harm for one reason or another such as manufacturing defect, design defect, or failure to warn. When the manufacturer is a defendant in the trial after someone sustains a serious injury, their actions and lack of concern for safety become public view.

As such, the company is forced to improve their policies and work hard to prevent the incident from happening again in the future. This means the initial trial does more than just obtain justice, it forces the manufacturer to accept liability and take responsibility for their actions.

What Trials do for the Victim of an Accident

A jury trial is the great equalizer. As we like to say, at some point the other side’s attorney re going to have to say “good morning” to a jury of our peers. Most lawyers are afraid to actually try a case, and that will compromise your case if you do not have the right attorney and Firm. We tell our clients to assume that they are going to trial, so that everyone is mentally prepared for it and the trial materials are ready to go. Indeed, even if there are earlier settlement offers, they will likely not be the strongest offer until you are at the courthouse steps.

Going to trial puts the decision of compensation into the hands of the court and with sound evidence, the victim can not only recover for the damages they’ve sustained, but they can also receive justice. This means they can move forward after the injury in the best possible state.

At The Beasley Firm, our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers enjoy trying cases, and recognize that being prepared for trial – from the beginning – is the only way to maximize our clients’ recoveries and give them satisfaction and closure. We are here to guide you through the difficult legal process and seek justice on your behalf.

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