The Difference Between a Birth Injury and a Birth Defect

Birth InjuryUnfortunately, birth injuries and birth defects are quite common--though quite different in nature. Both are incredibly tragic, and both may be caused due to the negligence of another, such as a doctor, nurse, or medical care provider. If your child was harmed in a way that resulted in a birth injury or birth defect, our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys of The Beasley Firm, LLC want to fight for you.

Birth injuries happen either during or right after the baby is born, most commonly during delivery. The most common injuries include but are not limited to nerve damage, broken bones, brain damage, and meconium aspiration syndrome. Though they are mostly preventable, they may sometimes occur as a result of the baby’s position during the delivery process.

Birth defects, however, occur prior to the baby’s birth. They generally affect the nervous system, happening as the baby develops in the womb. These defects may occur due to genetic mutations or medications or toxins ingested by the mother. A third party, such as a doctor or nurse, may still be responsible for a baby being born with a birth defect.

Both birth defects and birth injuries can occur as a result of a medical provider’s breach of duty, such as failing to meet responsible standards of care. Failure to monitor the mother and child for signs of distress, prescribing dangerous medications, or inflicting physical trauma during delivery are just a few of the reasons medical professional’s may be held responsible for harming a mother and her child.

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